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Jacksonville Fishing Reports


Let's start at the MAYPORT JETTIES:
Summer is finally here ! The weather is hot and so is the fishing. There's lots of big fish out at the big rocks.We've been catching a few slot size reds but most are the big over size fish ranging from 10-25 lbs, but we've caught a few bulls over 40 lbs. Fishing for these big bull reds will only get better for the next 2-3 months with the peak of the spawn in Sept.- Oct. Please take the time to revive these fish as they are the spawners and the future of our fishery.
There are some nice trout at the jetties but not in any big numbers. Most are being caught on float rigs with live shrimp.Spanish Mackerel are at the jetties on the high tide but most are small.
Flounder fishing is improving but it isn't as good as it should be. I believe they are scattered all up and down the river from Mayport to Green Cove Springs.
Lots of big sharks and Tarpon  around and they are a blast to catch. Spinner sharks and Blacktips are my favorite shark as they jump and put on a show similiar to Tarpon. Use live pogies or mullet or my favorite cut bait, ladyfish.

Good numbers of slot size reds in the river.Fish the rock piles, docks and grass edges. Some nice reds around the oyster mounds and points in the backcountry creeks. The big bull reds are showing up in the river channel and will only get better in the coming weeks as we approach the spawnning season.30-40 lb fish are pretty common and every summer we get a few 50 lb class fish.Blue crabs and cut mullet,ladyfish and pogies are your best baits for the bulls.
Trout fishing is fair to good with most fish caught very early or very late in the day.The best trout fishing will be at night around the lighted docks.
The big schools of Jacks and ladyfish that invade the river every summer haven't yet shown up in any big numbers, but I look for them to show up anytime now.These hard fighting fish readily hit topwater plugs and can save the day sometimes when fishing is slow. Look for diving birds to locate these fish. Flounder fishing is improving with some nice ones being caught around the downtown docks.

The annual shrimp run is under way on the river although most are still small to medium sized.The saltwater fish are scattered thruout this section of the river gorging on the shrimp, big schools of pogies and mullet.Fish docks and pilings for reds, trout and flounder with live shrimp on a 1/4 oz jig or under a Cajun thunder float.Docks with moving water is the key to catching fish here. Don't waste much time on docks that have little or no current.Don't be surprised to catch a Largemouth bass or two around these docks.
Croakers and Yellowmouth Trout can also be caught here. Concentrate on the shell bars and dropoffs for these fish. Your also likely to catch redfish,black drum and channel catfish here.
Well, that pretty much sums up what's happening on the St. Johns river. Till next time,Good luck, good fishing and I'll see you on the river.

Capt. Rick




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